Pietra Cave Suites

Our boutique hotel is a historical stone Greek mansion in the center of Mustafapaşa (Sinasos).

Mustafapaşa is a village where Orthodox Greeks lived until the population exchange of 1924 and there are nearly 700 stone mansions. The inhabitants of the village were wealthy Greek merchants selling wine and medicinal products at that time. With the exchange, the inhabitants of the village were sent to Greece and replaced by the Turkish population. Our boutique hotel is the historical stone Greek Mansion from this period. The head priest lived in our mansion at that time. We provide service with our courtyard, terrace, sofa and reception area and 9 historical rooms.


Shuttle bus service

We can arrange shuttle bus transfers for all domestic flights to / from Cappadocia (Kayseri and Nevsehir airports), but reservations are required and drivers cannot accept passengers who are not on their list.
Our driver will be waiting for you at the exit gate of the airport by holding a sign bearing your name. If your flight is delayed, it will wait for you. We can make reservations for two-way transfers to the Cappadocia region..
Transfer booking is very easy! Email info@pietracavesuites.com with your transfer request, flight number and number of people arriving. We will reserve your transfer and let you know by e-mail.